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Accept the Pain
Take Control

Take Control

Your pain is real - but it doesn't just affect your body.  Your pain affects your life.

You have to deal with things others may take for granted, like following a limited diet or having trouble getting to sleep.  Even making plans with friends or sticking with a sport or hobby could feel overwhelming when you live with chronic pain.

People may treat you differently when you live with pain.

Some people may mean well ... others may simply be mean.  And there are always the people who just don't understand.


I felt embarrassed, I felt defective, and I felt completely alone. Teachers harassed me for taking too long in the bathroom, kids made fun of me, I did not want to leave the house for fear of becoming ill in a place that was unfamiliar to me. I slowly realized that learning to cope with celiac disease was not an obstacle to overcome, but a lifelong effort to listen to the signals my body was sending me and making choices about how I wanted to respond.”

-- Maggie, 16


The Challenge to ChangeList the ways pain changed your life:

List the ways your life would change if you accepted the pain:


Build confidence by ...

  • learning communication skills that will help you respond to people.
    Ask for Help
  • arming yourself with knowledge so you can address the pain. 
    Know Your Rights
  • believing in your own ability to make your life better. 

Who has the most trouble accepting that your pain is real and that it has a significant impact on your life?

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