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Accept the Pain

Accept that pain is part of your life. Accepting it doesn't mean you 'threw in the towel.'  It means you are realistic about what your situation is - and you are willing to work toward a better way of life.

What is Chronic Pain?Chronic pain is
... any pain that lasts longer than three months.
... pain that does not respond to conventional medical treatments.
... pain that is invisible and cannot be measured.

Chronic pain is NOT
... your entire identity.
... a label that says you are "defective"
... a reason to withdraw from people and activities you enjoy.


You Are Not Alone

Number of people who live with chronic pain       1 out of 3*
**Of those with pain:
Percentage of people who said pain is so intense they can't function   33%
Percentage of people who said they were uncomfortable discussing their pain   40%
Percentage of people who said pain affected their moods on a daily basis   51%
Percentage of people who said pain interfered with their sleep   57%
Percentage of people who said they felt isolated and alone due to pain   37%

 *Source:  Institute of Medicine (June 29, 2011) report on pain
**Source:  Survey of Pain in America, conducted by Partners Against Pain, 2002


Power Outage

What happens when the power goes out?  No television, no computer, no microwave.  Do you ignore a power outage?  Of course not.  You accept it - and find new ways of doing things until the power returns.

Pain is kind of like a power outage.  Suddenly, things you used to take for granted are more difficult ... or even impossible.  But once you accept the pain, you can take control of your life, find new ways of doing things, and play an active role in your recovery.

Think about it!

Doctors may be medical experts...but you are the expert on your own body.  No one knows what you are feeling better than you do - and it doesn't take a formal medical diagnosis to know your pain is real.  You deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully even if the cause of your pain is unknown.

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