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Identify Your Emotions

You've probably been to plenty of doctor appointments where someone took your temperature.  But have you ever thought about your emotional temperature?
Living with pain takes a toll on your mood, not just on your body.  As if being young isn't already hare enough, right?  Now you have to deal with this.

But you do have to deal with it - because you'll make better decisions if you feel good about yourself and believe in your power to take charge of your life.

Low self-esteem leads to ...      High self-esteem leads to ...
anger   self-control
guilt   dignity
insecurity   confidence


From Defective to EffectiveDo you ever feel like your pain makes you defective?  Create a list of things you do well and refer to it whenever you're suffering from a self-esteem slump.

Think about it!

You might be feeling low now but that doesn't mean you'll feel low forever.  Consider these ways to improve your mood:

  • Focus on things you are good at.
  • Accept the pain knowing it is part of what makes you unique.
  • Be open with friends and family about pain.  Don't be ashamed of it.
  • Set goals that are important to you and then work toward them.
  • Help others when possible.  It can help you feel useful and capable.
  • Realize there is no such thing as "normal."


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