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Know Your Emotions

It doesn't matter if other people can't see your pain. 

You know it's real and you are entitled to all of the emotions - both good and bad - associated wtih your pain.  Maybe you're determined to beat it one day, then you're down-in-the-dumps the next.  That's normal - as long as you're able to deal with your feelings so they don't get the best of you.

Grief   Regret   Depression  Resentment

Do you ever feel like pain robbed you of some of your goals and dreams?  That can lead to really overwhelming emotions and they aren't so easy to shake.

But emotions can shift.  Attitudes can change. 

Try reshaping your thoughts to think about pain in a new way:

Suppose you're on a road trip and you hit an unexpected detour.  The new road may not be the fastest route, it may not be the one you preferred, but maybe you saw some beautiful scenery along the way ... discovered a cool little internet cafe ... saw a billboard that made you laugh ... or talked to a local who made you smile.  Look at a map and you'll realize lots of different roads can lead you to the same destination.


Do you ever feel ashamed of your pain? Society sends us signals about how it expects guys and girls to behave.  If a guy shows emotion, he's a "crybaby."  If a girl complains, she's beign a "drama queen."  Let go of those stereotpes because you have the right to be respected for who you are and what you feel.

Visit Know Your Rights - Be Treated With Respect

I decided to accept my pain and realized I would not be the same person without it.  It helped me to see areas of myself and others that I might not have been sensitive enough to see otherwise.  I told my friends, I started to communicate openly and almost with pride.  It put an end to the isolation and shame that I felt.

--Maggie, 16


Think about it!

Pain may have taken you on an unexpected detour in life - but consider some of the positives you've encountered as you travel this new path:

  • Have you met a kind and helpful person as a result of your pain?
  • Have you developed a new skill to help you overcome challenges?
  • Is there a small thing in life you now appreciate more because of your pain?
  • Is there something you used to take for granted that you don't anymore?
  • Has a relationship improved because of your pain?
  • Has your pain helped you to become more mature?
  • Have you learned an important lesson because of your pain?

You may not have chosen to face this crisis - but be broud of the ways your life experience has made you a stronger person.

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