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Moving Forward

Even with pain, you still have a future filled with possibilities. Maybe your pain will prevent you from achieving some of your old dreams.  Come up with new ones!

Set goals, make plans, and focus on what you can do.


Remember ... even if you live with pain long-term ...

  • You are still the same person
  • You will learn ways to compensate
  • Your abiity to learn may change, but there are ways to overcome that.
  • Your talent stays with you, even if you need to use them in a different way.
  • Your increased awareness of yourself and others is an asset.
  • The ability to empathize is essential to seeing the world's problems and finding solutions.
  • You will have a greater understanding of what you value in life.


Map it Out, Make it HappenMap it Out, Make it Happen WorksheetClick here to make sure you pick the right person for each job. 




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