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Relating to your parents can be tough.It doesn't take a crystal ball to figure out that at some point you probably felt misunderstood by them.  Guess what?  At some point, your parents probably felt misunderstood by you, too!


Talk to your parents about how pain affects:

  • your relationship with them and your siblings
  • your school activities
  • your relationships with your friends
  • your needs
  • what your health care providers say you need
  • how your pain feels
  • your emotions (both good and bad)
  • your future

Ask your parents to talk to you about:

  • the most difficult part of having a child who lives with pain
  • how they think the pain affects your family's relationships
  • whether they worry pain will keep you from leading a full or "normal" life
  • the amount of control they want to have over your daily activities
  • what expectations they have for you to manage your special needs
  • financial concerns about the cost of healt care
  • whether they're worried about the future
  • what you can do to help ease their concerns


Quick TipSometimes just figuring out when and how to bring up a topic is the tough part.  Set a regular time each week to talk as a family so everyone has a chance to discuss their feelings and solve problems together.


A Tale of Two Lists
Just as you want your parents to understand your fears, you have to respect the fact that they may have fears, too.  An honest conversation could reveal you're both scared about the same things - or, you might discover your parents are afraid of something that never even dawned on you!

Take some time to list your fears - and ask your parents to do the same.  Then compare both lists so you can work together to support each other and solve problems.




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