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Setting Goals

Challenging life experiences will make you stronger in many ways.

Living with pain can teach you:

  • creative new ways to accomplish tasks
  • to redefine your talents
  • to appreciate the little things in life
  • not to be judgmental
  • the art of compromise
  • sympathy and empathy for other people experiencing difficulties

You have your whole life to accomplish your goals and the ability to make your dreams come true!


In Your Wildest Dreams:
Decide what your future holds in store!
Pain has not put an end to your ability to dream big.  List 2-5 things you would like to accomplish ...

  • In the next week
  • In the next month
  • In the next year
  • In the next decade
  • In your lifetime

I think the best way to stay inspired once I set a goal is to:

Make your selection, then click "submit" to view the instant poll results!

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